Charitable Projects: Agape Home

Today we’d like to highlight the Agape Home and the next step for the charitable side of our business, the launch of! 15b5a28276ab11e2bf3622000a9f1886_7 We are really proud of the partnerships we’ve made here in Northern Thailand. The Artisans we work with first hand, our friends at the Elephant Sanctuary, and the generous people at Agape Home, who are all doing some truly amazing work and are limited only by the fact that they rely on mostly public donations to accomplish their goals. Today we’d like to particularly highlight the Agape Home, and specifically their founder Avis Rideout, who has helped an immense number of the literally hundreds of thousands of foster children in Thailand afflicted with HIV/Aids since her organizations founding in 1996. Through her 18 years of service, Avis and her organization have touched the lives of countless children. 9f3b9a_7bbcd5396977f7e3dcbc2ffde534ce3f Support at the Agape Home lasts a lifetime, often supporting foster children into their 20’s. Many children spend their whole lives at the Agape Home, and because of that, the facilities are in constant need of expanding to accommodate the ever-growing number of residents. Avis goes above and beyond the call of duty and we hope you match her generosity this holiday season. Consider making a $25, $50, or $100 dollar donation to contribute a little bit and help make their dreams come true. Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes, and remember, the fastest and easiest way to place a wholesale order is on our website at! And keep an eye out for our retail site launching in early 2015! To donate directly to the Agape Home, visit their website at