Ethnic Lanna Embroiders!

Ethnic Lanna is proud to announce that we have received delivery of our first ever embroidery machine. This 15 head embroidering expert is poised to push us even closer to our vision of ensuring that every stage of our wholesale manufacturing process is ethical, accountable, and of the highest standard. Squeezing in the machine into our workshop was quite the task, but with a little help – and a lot of muscle – we got this beauty in! Squeezing It In Ethnic Lanna believes in upcycling as many vintage hand embroidered fabrics as we can find. Sourcing these fabrics is a full time job and requires a lot of energy and effort to ensure that every single piece of fabric is amazing every single time. It is for this reason that we also produce many of our wholesale bags from machine embroidered materials with patterns inspired by the vintage fabrics we source. Many wholesale customers love that we can reproduce a design identically and now we’ll be doing it on our own! Wholesale Art Machine   Guaranteeing the level of quality of these machine embroidered fabrics and the conditions where they were made was always something we considered, but without making them ourselves, we were always dependent on others. With the machine resting snugly in our space Ethnic Lanna is now testing the embroidery machine, and we are excited to take ownership of this phase of the process. We believe that we will be able to manufacture the best patterns with the help of our staff, and guarantee that they are ethically made by individuals paid a living wage and in great working conditions. our address   We would like to give a big thank you to our customers who helped make this possible! Without your support, consideration, and orders we would not have been able to grow and become the company we are today. With every purchase you make we are able to further realize our vision of creating a company that is sustainable, ethical, and accountable. This is another step in that direction. We hope you visit us soon. Just look for the dragon next to our street name!