helping those in need

Ethnic Lanna is partnered with hundreds of Artisans in and around Chiang Mai, and a vast majority of them come from the impoverished and under served Hill Tribe communities on the border of Burma and Laos.

These disenfranchised communities often do not receive any help or support from the government, and have few opportunities to improve their socio-economic status. Often discriminated against, the Hill Tribe people have limited opportunities for success.

Which is why we created Ethnic Lanna Helps to be able to provide the security and safety that is so often taken for granted. Please consider donating to Ethnic Lanna Helps so that we may help to provide Education, and Infrastructure that our Artisan partners desperately need.

Project Highlights

Mohwahki School is an IMPECT Organization Project
Infrastructure & Educational Resources | November 2016

Partnership with AGAPE HOME‚Äč
Financial & Clothing Donations | Ongoing

Hiltribe WiFi project
Community Infrastructure | August 2015

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